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The 2014 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market Is Out — And Here Are 8 Darn Good Reasons to Buy It (and Naturally I’m Giving Away Books!)

The 2014 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market is out and available in major bookstores! Although it’s a few months old, I’ve never done a proper announcement and giveaway, but, heck, it’s 2014 — a new year with grand possibilities. What better way to start than a giveaway contest? The CWIM a great resource guide for writers of picture books and novels for kids (young adult, middle grade) as well as illustrators.

The new 2014 edition of the Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market is updated and packed with info. Now in its 26th year, the newest edition still provides great market and submission/contact information for book publishers, art reps, international publishers, literary agents, contests, magazines, conferences and more. In addition to hundreds of markets for your kids book, this new edition has the following:

  • Interviews with acclaimed novelists such as Beth Revis (Across the Universe), R.L. Stine (Goosebumps), Marie Lu (Legend), and many more. Hear from the masters.
  • Spotlights of 11 debut authors who broke out. These authors are great examples to study, as you can see what they did right, what they wish they did years ago, how they got their literary agents, and more.
  • 19 new listed art reps for illustrators. We found 19 new reps to list in the 2014 edition, along with other reps. And if you’re an illustrator, check out the interview with illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi in the book!
  • “New Agent Spotlights” that pinpoint new/newer literary reps who are actively seeking submissions and clients NOW.
  • And much more.

Buy it here! (It is available wherever books are sold, including Barnes & Noble or on Amazon, but know that when you order any product from our Writer’s Digest shop, you get the same deep discount you find on Amazon.) Need more reasons to buy? How about 8 darn good testimonials below from these very cool people, many of which are bestsellers, and some of which have even had movies made out of their books.

THE GIVEAWAY!!! Comment on this post and just say anything nice about any element of Writer’s Digest you enjoy — from a blog post to a class or a book or anything else. In two weeks, I will pick 3 winners randomly to win a copy of the book! It’s that easy. (UPDATE: zippydoodah, Sheryl Davis-Troller & authoralyssamayley won.)





“Whenever anyone asks for publishing advice,
I tell them to grab the latest edition of Children’s
Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market

- JAY ASHER, author of the #1 New York
Times bestseller 13 Reasons Why

and The Future of Us



CWIM is a great resource for artists and writers
who are ready to share their talent with the world.”

- MEG CABOT, author of multiple #1 New York Times
bestsellers, including the Princess Diaries series


CWIM is an invaluable resource for any aspiring
writer hoping to get published. It helped me a lot
and I recommend it to everyone.”

- JAMES DASHNER, New York Times best-selling
author of The Maze Runner series, the first book of which
is soon to be a major motion picture.




Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market is invaluable
for writers of children’s books. Chock-full of publishing
resources, it’s a must-have.”

- BECCA FITZPATRICK, author of Hush-Hush
and Crescendo




“If you’re serious about writing or illustrating for
young people, the information, tools and insights
within the Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market
will get you started on the right path.”

- WENDY TOLIVER, author of Lifted


Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market has all the things
a new writer needs to know about the business, like who’s
who and how to submit to agents and publishers, but it also
has all the intangibles, like advice and encouragement.
Buy it for the information, keep it for the inspiration.”

- JOSEPHINE ANGELINI, international
bestselling author of Starcrossed.



“Chuck Sambuchino’s Children’s Writer’s and
Illustrator’s Market has all you need to
master the publishing process.”

- JULIE CANTRELL, New York Times and
USA Today bestselling author of Into the Free



“In my pre-published days (and there were many), purchasing
and perusing the new edition of the Children’s Writer’s &
Illustrator’s Market
guide was such a hopeful time of year
for me.  I really got my optimistic juices flowing while reading
the articles and highlighting names of editors and agents.
You’re part of a great publication!”

- CLARE VANDERPOOL author of the
young adult novel, NAVIGATING EARLY
(Delacorte, 2013)



Pick up the 2014 edition of CWIM here!



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115 thoughts on “The 2014 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market Is Out — And Here Are 8 Darn Good Reasons to Buy It (and Naturally I’m Giving Away Books!)

  1. authoralyssamayley

    Mr. Sambuchino,

    I was so surprised when I logged onto this website, only to see my name, among the three winners. I have been checking every other day since I entered the contest, just to see who was picked. How very exciting that I was one of the people chosen. (I might have squealed like a little girl when I first found out.)

    I cannot thank you enough! Thank you, for writing such a valuable resource for us YA Authors and Illustrators. Also, for the opportunity to win a copy of Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market. Your book will be invaluable as I continue to draw ever-nearer to publishing my own work.

    I would also suggest any other YA Authors or Illustrators, to pick up their own copy of this book and take a look around the Writer’s Digest website. The information and tools they have avalible will help, no matter what stage of writing or publishing, you are currently at.

    My Gratitude,

  2. catreeves16

    I absolutely LOVE this site. I am still finding the courage to put myself out there as a writer, but Writer’s Digest offers wonderful tips by those who are prominent in the industry. The encouragement is amazing. Thank you!!!

  3. kmbrlmach

    This site has been a godsend recently (‘cuz I only just discovered it!)
    It’s the little writer buddy tapping on my shoulder, pointing things out to me and saying, “Hey, try this! Have you thought about that? Keep writing! We’re all in this together!”
    Thank-you for the resources, the encouragement, and the connections. And please, keep doing what you do.

  4. authoralyssamayley

    As I prepare for the release of my first novel, I find myself constantly wandering back to Writer’s Digest to absorb the powerful marketing information and tips they have available. The article Build a Platform & Start Blogging; have been a critical component at this stage in my career.

  5. slamb05

    Love all the helpful resources you give aspiring writers! I use Writer’s Digest online all the time, and the info on agent queries are especially helpful.

  6. AmandahB

    Writer’s Digest is a useful resource for ALL writers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance B2B writer or a crime fiction writer. The magazine and online articles and writing prompts strengthen your writing skills. The literary agent profiles help you to understand what agents look for in a writer and manuscript. I recommend subscribing to Writer’s Digest. It’s money well spent.

  7. Marie Rogers

    Writers Digest newsletters have been an invaluable resource for me. While most of my work is adult fiction, I recently finished a children’s story that needs an illustrator. The Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market looks like a tool I will need.

  8. dysonkl

    Do people use this book the way I do? I can’t wait to read all the articles & interview in each new edition. It’s a well-curated selection, filled with insights and rich content. Somehow I think most readers go to the market listings straightaway, skipping the main course and going right for the after dinner drinks.

  9. SusannaSebastian

    WRITERS DIGEST MAGAZINE IS THE BIBLE FOR WRITERS. I had written about 4 paragraphs, and my computer had a melt down. In a nut shell, I can not attend a college or university that will teach me the in’s and out’s of getting published. One issue of Writer’s Digest magazine is jammed packed with treasures and tidbits to get us writers published or in the publishing world. I prefer the Do’s and Don’ts because once you have learned not to insult a literary agent or a publisher you are have way there! I know I have the tools at my fingertips every month with the help of WD to become the next Stefenie Meyer. It is now up to me. Thank you Writer’s Digest Magazine for teaching writers because that is what you do.

  10. SusannaSebastian

    Writer’s Digest is the Bible for writers or anyone who is breaking into the publishing industry. I posted this on Twitter in fact. I have been writing for awhile, but I never took THE LEAP into pursuing getting published. Writer’s Digest Magazine has taught me just about everything I need to know on how to get published. It is now up to me. I find the articles informative, up-to-date, witty, and powerful. I feel like each interview or article is a college writing class wrapped up into one issue. I am no longer afraid to set goals and I have found new confidence in my writing skills, I owe that to Writer’s Digest. My goal is to “Go Twilight” as I call it. I want to take everything I have learned from WD’s (the do’s and don’ts) in publishing, etc., or how to obtain a literary agent, and be the next Stefenie Meyer or a E.L. James. Writer’s Digest Magazine is PACTED with little treasures and tidbits on writing a novel or screenplay and being successful. It would take me a year of reading several hardbound/softbound books from the library or even numerous online articles (unless the articles were from the WD’s site) to collect the knowledge and master the “How To’s” of writing fiction or non-fiction, magazine article writing, etc. that I can obtain in reading 1-3 issues of Writer’s Digest. I am grateful for Writer’s Digest Magazine. Thank you. Hear! Hear!

  11. Rachel Hoyt

    Writer’s Digest has been an invaluable resource to me. You taught me how to write a query letter and how to find the right market for my stories and poetry.

    I came across Robert Lee Brewer’s poetry prompts and contests a bit later, but really love the encouragement and feedback he gives. I always believe him when he says he had a very hard time choosing the winner because he makes it clear what made the winner(s) poem(s) stand out. Learning what could have made your poem better is quite an important thing which I don’t often get to hear.

    I would love to have a copy of the Children’s Market as I am currently trying to figure out where to submit a particular poetic story and am unable to get the Children’s Market at my library. I wish I could buy it, but I’m extremely underemployed right now.

  12. teodora

    I always find stuff here that I can’t find anywehere else. recently I read a novelist’s pitch sent to a publisher and it was very cleverly written as a part of the story itself designed to arouse the reader’s interest. I can totally see this strategy working across jenres and formats and am planning to apply it to pitching magazine articles or screenplays, or anything really. Now about this childrens writers market book – I wouldn’t have even heard of it if I wasn’t following you on twitter. I have a couple of stories I don’t know where to send so it might be the perfect place to check for ideas.

  13. TigerandTux

    How excited we’d be if we won a copy of The 2014 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market!! We are familiar with this book and realize it will be a helpful resource to us as we launch our writing career. We’ve been writing on Twitter for a few years but now want to take our writing to a new level. We’re excited about entering this contest and wish everyone who entered the best of luck.

  14. yyulia

    This is second attempt to write something nice about Writer’s Digest. I don’t see my previous comment. I personally love WD magazine and blog. Once again, WD is the best and a generous source for anyone who writes, or tries to write, or wishes to write.

  15. Charriess

    I would love to win this book. I have been writing pieces for publishing content in the Children’s genre for years, and I am finally at the publishing stages. Thank you for the opportunity! Good Luck to all the Writers & Readers!!

  16. pknoll

    I love Writer’s Digest! I look forward to scouring every issue; the wealth of information is invaluable. I recently purchased “2014 Guide to Literary Agents”. I’m writing a YA and Writer’s Digest is my first stop for the most current and useful information.

  17. DandyJan

    There seems to be an incredible amount of information out there for new writers. I appreciate and trust Writer’s Digest to do some of the sorting for me, to direct me and give me inspiration. Thank you!

  18. frenchie

    I have always felt my life a maze. Writing is helping me through it. There are many stories around every bend of that maze, stories that I’ve kept to myself. I have come to the realization that releasing them could potentially help someone else. Winning the latest edition of CWIM would help in submitting these stories to the right outlet.

  19. Sheryl Davis-Troller

    I appreciate Writer’s Digest’s offerings; they help get my writing to its best form. Whether I’m starting a new piece or stuck in an old one, WD comes to the rescue, jump starting my thinking and my writing. Resources are crucial to the process–to improve the craft and to prepare for publishing when the time comes. Thanks, WD!!

  20. ValeriaAnn

    my son has written a tall tale that I think would make a great book series… writer’s digest magazine and the writer’s market books have been a valuable resource tool for me and many other writers for years… and years… thank you!

  21. LoisHuston

    Whenever I need a book to help me focus on my writing, the Children’s Writers and Illustrators Market is my first choice. One day I Will get that children’s book published!

  22. yyulia

    It is an easy task to say something nice about Writer’s Digest. I discovered WD two years ago and since then I sincerely love WD magazine, and I really enjoy the blog and newsletter. It’s the best and a generous source of info for anyone who writes, who tries to write, who wishes to write.

  23. kcambensy

    I just finished writing my novel and right now I’m at the “what the heck do I do with it now?” stage and I have found Writer’s Digest to be very helpful.

  24. jayde1

    I have just moved into the YA / MG area, and I’m hungry for the solid information in Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market. WD’s on-demand webinars are stellar, too.

  25. maddoxmi

    Currently, I am self-publishing my children’s book, however, I would love to have a current resource to assist me with my publishing journey. Thank you for the opportunity!

  26. micheleseigfried

    Hi! I would love to receive a copy of your book. It would be extremely helpful. But even if I don’t win, I have to admit that I enjoy receiving the Writer’s Digest emails regularly. They are a wealth of information for a newbie like me! Thanks so much!

  27. Vicky

    The CWIM offers a world of information all in one place. I used the 2013 edition to find agents and publishing houses for my submissions. I can’t wait to see the 2014 edition.

    Chuck, I always enjoy reading your column. Your words are inspiring and so true! Thanks for giving me the encouragement I need to continue writing and pursuing my dream of getting published!

  28. kkostue

    I have the previous editions of this book. It’s important to stay current, though! It’s a wonderful resource for not only publisher information, but also great articles and more!

  29. whiteheron

    I have been reading the emails from Writer’s Digest and have talked to other writers to tell them about the publication as I really do appreciate it.

    I am very interested in obtaining The 2014 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market as I would like to use it to find a publisher for my books and to share it with other writers who cannot afford to purchase this publication.

  30. juniemoon

    WD Newsletters have their own folder in my email! Truly appreciate the writing tips, industry information and everything else contained within the emails. Thank you, Chuck.

  31. juliette19

    I’ve been reading the magazine since I was a kid and now I read the blog too, but I probably love all the resource books best of all. I collect them during website sales!

  32. jennerporter

    I love the competitions on Writer’s Digest. They make me want to improve and work harder. Not only do they showcase the many great writers here but they also remind me that the “genius entry” I was sure would win, might not be as genius as I thought! :)

  33. momiji5

    WD newsletters and columns really spark my imagination. I can always find ways of improving my writing and the information gives me the courage to keep going even after the rejections.

  34. DianaShallard

    There seems to be a touch of serendipity when it comes to Writer’s Digest magazine. Every month, the issue that arrives seems to touch on the exact writing challenge I’m experiencing. Thanks to everyone at WD for offering the right kind of help just when I need it most.

  35. DanielR

    Great News! I already have my copy of 2014 Writer’s Market Deluxe Edition and am actively using it. Another great resource from Writer’s Digest to help authors succeed.

  36. kcfreder

    I would love to win this book! I am just starting out and the information in this book would be invaluable to get my first children’s book series out there. I cannot wait to read the interviews and testimonials with the masters, and find reputable agents and publishers!!

  37. DebbieAustin

    I love Writer’s Digest magazine and have purchased several WD books. All are top notch. The 2014 CWIM is an invaluable resource, and I would love to have it on my bookshelf.

  38. DebbieAustin

    I love Writer’s Digest magazine and WD books are top notch. I enjoyed the free giveaways during NaNoWriMo, too. The 2014 CWIM is an invaluable resource I would love to have on my bookshelf.

  39. AngieMangino

    After getting an email from my son tonight of his interest in collaborating with me to write a series of children’s books, I next read this post which announces that THE 2014 CHILDREN’S WRITER’S & ILLUSTRATOR’S MARKET IS OUT and there is a chance for a free book with a comment. Not one to place much stock in coincidences, I find this to be a positive affirmation that something new is in my future as a writer. Leave it to Writer’s Digest to be right there with me, as it has for many years.

  40. christilynn

    I am new to Writer’s Digest, and I can’t believe I waited so long to become an avid reader. The “Your Story” contests really get my imagination stirring, and I love reading all of the winning entries as well as writing my own!

  41. BevBaird

    What a fantastic giveaway! As I have expanded my writing time and embarked on a journey towards publication, this would be an exceptional resource to have.

  42. dmddeb

    When I see an email from Writer’s Digest, I open it at once. Chuck Sambuchino is my go to man for information on publishers and agents accepting submissions. Also, his articles are like instruction guides for me, keeping me on the right path to a publishing career.

  43. StrictlyTopSecret

    Hands down, one of the most valuable resources — ever. I’d love to win one to share with the members of my children’s writers guild.

    A minor aside: did anyone notice that p. 109 (at least in the book I am holding in my hand) contains 4 repeats of the same paragraph (i.e., a piece of advice from Joe Monti)?

  44. StrictlyTopSecret

    I’m reading the 2014 CW&IM right now. The interviews and articles alone are worth the cover price. I’d love to win a copy to share with the rest of my children’s writers group.

  45. StrictlyTopSecret

    I’m reading the 2014 CW&IW at this very moment. The articles and interviews alone are worth the cover price, not to mention the incredible resource listings. I’d love to win a copy to share with my children’s writers’ group.

  46. mulligans

    I wish I’d read your article about protecting your work before I wasted six months of my life writing a book for someone who chose not to complete the project. Yeah, no contract… Your tips articles are very helpful!

  47. StrictlyTopSecret

    I’m reading the 2014 CWIM right now, and it is outstanding. The articles and interviews are helpful and informative. I’d love to wrin a copy to share with my children’s writers’ group.

  48. caramiaamore

    I love the different market books that are put out and always end up checking them out from the library, which mean they are backdated and require follow up. May just have to save up some money and get copies of my own!

  49. StrictlyTopSecret

    I’m reading it right now, and would love to win a copy for my children’s writing group to share. The book is worth the price for the articles and interviews alone!

  50. Doodleshak

    I love the “Market” books. I keep them from year to year for all the great articles at the beginning. I’m just getting into children’s books and this would be an excellent resource! BTW, your magazine is fabulous. I just renewed my digital subscription so my magazines are with me always!

  51. zippydoodah

    I love the children’s writers and illustrator’s market guide! It is a must read. The articles on craft are always helpful and it is fun and interesting to read about debut authors. The resource part of it – listing publishers, agents, contests and conferences is vital to research as well. I also appreciate that the focus in just on the children’s market.

  52. derekkim

    I’m a big fan of the free writing exercises. It helps to keep me sharp. It’s easy to forget that writing is a skill that needs to be practiced constantly.

  53. DoubleOhDave

    This sounds GREAT! I am half way through a course on writing for kids and this would really come in useful.

    Favourite post? I don’t have one favourite, but my favourite part of the site is the very generous free guides. I have downloaded all of them and they are great.


  54. sgkeegan

    Synchronicity!! I Need this book right this minute. I’ve read past editions cover to cover …. But this year is MY year! Thanks for the update, and for posting on FB. I usually borrow copies from the library as I’m too broke to buy it. Whenever I ask for a copy from my sweetheart for valentines day he accuses me of not being romantic. What’s not romantic about getting a solid lead on a writing gig? Some people just don’t get it….
    I for one think it would be very romantic and possibly lucrative to get my hands on a copy of this book!
    Love Always,

  55. DKGraham

    I’ve really enjoyed the blogs that have been shared by Writer’s Digest on my Facebook timeline. They are full of wonderful ideas and serve as a daily inspiration to keep me motivated in my writing. I have already published two books for children and a series suitable for young adults as well as adults, as well as two fiction books for young adults and adults. I am currently working on a book for children, and a book for young adults. Keep on sending me those great inspirational blogs!

    D. K. Graham

  56. olivestreet

    As a writer and illustrator (I think of myself as a writer who thinks in pictures) Writers Digest Magazine has been inspiring to read. (I got subscriptions for my writing group.) I would love a copy of this book to dip into and be further inspired and investigate marketplaces I may not have thought of.

  57. gatorgirl823

    Looks like another great and resource-filled edition! I would love to add this to my bookshelf. I’m always looking to improve my writing and have several more children’s picture books that i’m aiming to finish and publish this year.

  58. fortunateizzi

    Writer’s Digest has the best resources. I used your critique service for my picture book manuscript, it was great. Would love to have a copy of this book.

  59. Leslie

    I am fairly new to WD, but have been absolutely encouraged by the posts here! Thank you for taking the time to help those of us who are trying to break in to this industry. The information and advice you share is SO helpful! :) Thanks!!

  60. vrundell

    I’ve been a faithful reader of WD for 5 years now, and the GLA blog for the past two. The advice I’ve received–from plotting, to voice, to agents to query–has been invaluable. I’ve turned my writing from “no response” to “send pages” and have been building my platform for 9 months now thanks to Chuck’s exhortations. That big day will come for me–and I’ll have WD to thank.

  61. zippydoodah

    I absolutely LOVE THIS BOOK! I finally had to return it to my library after renewing it three times! It is so hard to narrow it down to just one thing I love about it – there is so much useful information! I really enjoy reading the professional articles with writing advice. I also really like to read the stories about debut authors. The specific publisher/agent/conference/contest info is vital as well! This is absolutely a Must Have Resource for every writer! Thank you for updating it and putting it out every year!

  62. jlmccreedy

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of this fabulous resource. Yay! I use Writer’s Digest online frequently and find the posts/guides on agent queries to be especially helpful.

  63. The Writer Girl

    I purchased the Writers Market book at the Writers Digest Conference in LA and it has been a treasure for this aspiring author. I assume therefore that this addition would only serve to enhance my chances of getting published. Thanks by the way Chuck for taking my extra drink ticket at the conference. I was able to go back to my room at the hotel and finish a chapter that was driving me nuts!

  64. cotidiano

    Sounds like a very useful resource, especially the interviews with authors who have made it to the top. Will add this to my lengthy “to-read” list.