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Writing challenge! Can you write an opening sentence to a story incorporating these 3 words? (Winners will be published in WD)

Categories: Fun, There Are No Rules Blog by the Editors of Writer's Digest, WD Magazine, What's New, Your Story Competition Tags: Writing Contest, writing prompt, Zachary Petit.

Your Story ContestLooking for a little Friday procrastination in the form of a writing challenge? Close that Excel spreadsheet you’re working on, minimize your boss’ emails or postpone your daily chores (come on, nobody would rather change a litter box than write, right?). Take five: It’s time for our Your Story contest.

Basically, in every issue we give our readers a chance to get  published in Writer’s Digest by responding to a writing prompt. Here’s the latest, from our November/December issue (featuring an interview with the awesome George RR Martin, I might add):


In 25 words or fewer, write the opening sentence to a story incorporating these three words: fresh, hair and tangled.


Want in? Post your entry in the Comments section below, and it’ll automatically be entered in the competition.

The rules:

  • Your sentence (just one, only one!) must be 25 words or fewer, no exceptions.
  • The deadline is Nov. 26, 2012.
  • One entry per person, please.
  • How it all works: We’ll select the top 10 entries and post them on our forum. In early December, readers will vote for their favorites to help rank the winners.
  • This is a free writing competition. The prize is publication in WD.
  • You can also submit your sentence via the form here.
  • Finally, as we say about this contest in the magazine: “You can be funny, poignant, witty, etc. It is, after all, your story.”

Good luck! One of the most fun things we get to do around here every issue is read the entries, and we appreciate every single word that comes in.

Now, to return to our Excel spreadsheets and litter boxes …

Happy Friday.

—Zachary Petit is an award-winning journalist, and the senior managing editor of Writer’s Digest magazine.
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186 Responses to Writing challenge! Can you write an opening sentence to a story incorporating these 3 words? (Winners will be published in WD)

  1. VinePloaia says:

    She stretched out of bed with freshly tangled hair. She is still so beautiful, I thought.

  2. azukaod says:

    Nora peeked into the house, the smell of fresh iron was dominating. Her hair was in a strange tangle of a reddish slime. Blood.

  3. NobleWarrior says:

    I stepped in fresh bear excrement and the leaves, twigs, and moss were tangled in my hair making this camping trip a catastrophe not adventurous.

  4. NobleWarrior says:

    I stepped in fresh bear excrement and the leaves, twigs, and moss were tangled in my hair, making this camping trip a catastrophe not adventurous!

  5. rhodessarah says:

    One can’t say exactly how the fresh breeze seizes when scanning the vast expanse of majestic blue, but it’s felt, gracefully pulling through tangled hair.

  6. EmiLynette says:

    His dark hair had turned gray, the once fresh face had aged; time had made it so, but I was tangled in memories of before.

  7. AllegraBo says:

    Thomas awoke with a start. Parchment in hand and fresh ink tangled in his hair he leaped from his desk shouting, ” Get me Franklin!”

  8. Mauve_RainCloud says:

    Looking down at the small body tangled in a mass of fresh linen, the young mother wept; tears spilling onto her son’s soft, downy hair.

  9. Achyut_Seth22 says:

    The fresh, divine smell of richly pure blood suffocated the human, tangling her into the midst of immortality. Her hair shadowed her bloody mouth, as she left the sight; the blood still flowing in rivulets through the ice. It was a matter of time before the blood would dry up and the police wouldn’t find a single drop of her murderous and heinous crime. She would continue her search.

  10. Eileen Maki says:

    His hair was tangled and matted with fresh blood that upon closer inspection, was not his.

  11. AvaJones07 says:

    Unshaven but clean, the woman’s hair formed a fresh, tangled web over her gangly legs.

  12. Nikkigb1806 says:

    I rode through the forest clutching the tangled mane of my pure white stallion, the fresh air whipping my hair wildly behind me.

  13. Abir Mohammad says:

    As she came out of the shower I allowed my fingers to get tangled within her luscious hair as I smelt her body’s fresh scent.

  14. scribe53 says:

    Fresh air told Ning that he was outside the walls; and while this breath of freedom fortified his heart, his hands were shredded and his forehead pulsed as he comprehended that there was still a 20 foot fall from the end of his lifeline of hoarded hair, shreds of cloth and tangled barbed wire to the start of his race for home.

  15. Megan says:

    “Oh please no,”Spoke the girl,her hair in her face,fresh blood staining her clothes;she would be blamed for the cold tangled body.

  16. dlock says:

    Fresh tears blur her vision of the angry man before her, catching in her tangled hair, “I am sorry, I am not the one.”

  17. writetee says:

    It was a cool breezy morning, but somehow the scent of the oiled iron hot comb pressing through Angie’s tangled hair overpowered the fresh daisies.

  18. kristend228 says:

    I know I missed the deadline so this is more for me…

    “Don’t you get fresh with me, mutt,” Ty erupted, grabbing his daughter’s hair into a tangled rope of rage.

  19. DCRider says:

    As I stand watching her sleep, her fresh smelling hair lying like a tangled halo about her head, I realize she is my angel.

  20. kendracp says:

    The air is thick, making my tangled hair stick to my neck. I long for the fresh, cool air of home. A tear falls.

  21. Iamsomewhere says:

    The single, exhausted mother with sweaty and tangled hair got refreshed once she looked at the fresh and innocent smiles from her young children.

  22. byPatKeegan says:

    “You tangled with the wrong bitch,” Moira said to the girl she held firmly the hair while the fresh cut on her face oozed slightly.

  23. TheLionKing2 says:

    Her unbrushed hair smelled fresh, and her stolen fruits felt tangled, she thought, as she jolted down the streets, leaving her pursuers far behind her.

  24. KelseyZabc says:

    Tangled in her thoughts of the past month’s happenings, Jenna brushed her daughter’s hair, realizing just how fresh her father’s death still was.

  25. Johanna says:

    Floating tangled in an umbilical cord; I realized the silver lining of an elderly death—to be born again with a fresh head of hair.

  26. raleighscott says:

    She delighted in a squeal as she buried her face into a fresh pillow, her hair and thoughts still tangled from last night’s sin.

  27. Docdark says:

    Plucking a fresh beetle, black and tangled, from the remaining strands of her daughter’s hair, she left a kiss on her forehead.

  28. Her hair no longer tangled, Stephanie exited the hair salon with a sigh of relief, and inhaled a deep breath of the fresh autumn air.

  29. belindahuang18 says:

    She began to pry open a fresh can of paint with her father’s screwdriver, pausing briefly to brush the tangled hair from her wet face.

  30. fykes heathcliff says:

    I don’t see my entry do I post it here as well.
    I could not say anything intelligent to Linda; the scent of fresh lavender from her long hair tangled my senses rendering me speechless.

  31. Dununzio says:

    The words hair, fresh, and tangled seemed completely arbitrary, but she knew if she didn’t crack this code soon, they’d kill her son.

  32. melopoeia says:

    Dark hair peeked through the fresh rip in her tights as she gingerly liberated her scuffed boots from the tangled pile of limbs.

  33. bulkster19 says:

    Coming within a hair of being capsized, Colin cut his tangled line, re-rigged his pole with fresh bait, then cast where he’d seen Nessie surface.

  34. IULIAN says:

    She rose above the grave, hair tangled around her neck, fighting the fresh soil with her hands, no longer dead, and not yet alive.

  35. taymo29 says:

    Knots tangled in his stomach when he saw the fresh corpse and the clump of hair in his hand.

    Taylor Streitz

    19 words

  36. Vividfear says:

    My eyes dilate at the scene of fresh, recently killed humans; strings of hair are tangled together, and my self-indulgence transforms into lunacy.

  37. thoughtfulsunflower says:

    Tangled hair hung in her face, soaking up fresh tears as she made the call “It happened again -worse-, I’m driving, lost and…I’m naked!”

  38. sara says:

    He should have known not to tangle with a married woman. Fake ID and black hair die. It was time for a fresh start.

    Sara Jacobelli

    24 words

  39. TheMaskedWriter says:

    I wonder “How can the sky be so clear, the air so fresh and yet the world we live in is so tangled?”

  40. Ted says:

    Bill fought with the tangled string of lights, the fresh wet snow had soaked his shoes, and his sweaty hair made his scalp itch.

  41. Nikki Jo says:

    Freeing my tangled hair from the bush, I wondered once again why the scent of fresh blood made me forget look before I changed.

  42. Jyl says:

    Randy smiled, determined not to insult his new wife’s cooking ability, but the zombie’s hair, fresh and undercooked, tangled with his tongue for mouth space.

  43. Jess says:

    In the mornings after, Nick left fresh trails of tangled heartstrings and torn out hair when he disappeared; he struggled against his bindings… Not today.

  44. honeyurfunnyy says:

    With fresh blood trickling from his hairline, Sergio shook his scraggly hair from his eyes and wrenched the thick, heavy rope tangled at my feet.

  45. soham.writing@gmail.com says:

    Tsami put the tangled mass of what looked like wet seaweed in her mouth; it tasted like hair- fresh, oil-soaked hair.

  46. soham.writing@gmail.com says:

    Tsami picked up the tangled mass of what looked like wet seaweed from the pot, and put it in her mouth; it tasted like hair, fresh hair soaked in coconut oil.

  47. rabdakk says:

    Walking down the street, fresh out of the beauty parlor, my hair suddenly got tangled in the propellers of a rogue remote-controlled airplane.

  48. Steffanie says:

    The tangled mess of murder in his eyes was so fresh and haunting, the hair on the back of my neck stood on end.

  49. kirkmundy says:

    My hand was securely tangled in her hair as I pulled her head back, exposing the fresh bruises on her throat.

  50. stasobo says:

    Immediately, the fresh scent of decay assaulted my senses; the hair stood on my neck and my scream got tangled up in my throat.

  51. lisadi473 says:

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave…” she thought, as she slowly brushed her freshly washed hair.

  52. VHudson says:

    Hoping for a fresh new video evaporated when the toddler bounded out with her ducky towel saying “let down my hair;” another night watching Tangled.

  53. Nickas says:

    Tufts of bloody hair indicated a fresh trail leading into the tangled underbrush of this dying forest; I whispered to my team, “We’re close.”

  54. Dragon Lord says:

    “The trail is fresh,” muttered a cloaked figure as he ran his fingers through his tangled hair, while he contemplated his standing with his employer.

  55. elisel1997 says:

    The feelings of my dysfunctional home and the home I had known as a child became tangled like matted hair and I just felt lost.

  56. bgengler says:

    Fresh roadkill would not have warranted the rubbernecking now thwarting my morning commute were it not for the tangled mass sporting Tagg’s punk pink hair.

  57. lyon9343 says:

    Feeling tangled between thyself and my roommate for stealing my last fresh pair of socks, I grab her hair and yank viciously, screaming,” you

  58. osouniq says:

    The fresh breeze from the window of the basement blows her hair and becomes as tangled as the thoughts in her head.

  59. Dean Zadak says:

    The road lost my attention with her freshly painted toes dancing on my dashboard and her tangled hair tapping my shoulder; I pulled over.

  60. DanLawliet says:

    He thrust his fist against the tangled fresh corpse ,spiraled hair enclosed his hand in self defense almost by its own accord.

  61. Austine Clancy says:

    Each summer, it was her job to shape the tangled threads of spun sugar into bouffants of pink candy hair.

  62. StephanieJo says:

    Even while showering I’m in despair – the latest treatments mean his thick hair shall never tangle again after the use of our fresh peppermint shampoo.

  63. GinnyZee says:

    For sale: one hair, tangled, with the fresh bulb intact. One dollar.

  64. lrehal says:

    The image of Delia, her raven hair tangled and sprawled across his pillow, remained fresh in Evan’s memory long after he awoke from the dream.

  65. Dan_Hauer says:

    One fresh morning last April, I left my home for the first time in twenty-three years, seeking a remedy for my horribly tangled hair.

  66. aaron_hawkins15 says:

    Fresh air poured across the hood, up the windshield, and flooded the convertible’s interior; her tangled brown hair undulating against a sea of autumn wind.

  67. npersad361 says:

    I dance harder, shake out my freshly-washed hair over my shoulders, raising my arms above my head, moving faster now, tangled in the crowd.

  68. Kristen says:

    Still able to smell the fresh shampoo– I tuck her loose hair into the bag and, without hesitation, dispose of my twin’s tangled body.

  69. Kristen says:

    Still able to smell the fresh shampoo– I tuck her loose hair into the bag and, without hesitation, depose of my twin’s tangled body.

  70. Jeff Haycock says:

    The scent of fresh-spilled formaldehyde scalded my nose hair as I learned the now breathless old man, with the tangled beard, shared my fingerprints.

  71. LionessRampent says:

    Such a tangled taunt he speaks; opening wounds fresh pulling hair and gnashing teeth.

  72. RA Burns says:

    The fresh breeze cooled Janet’s sunburnt face as she tangled with her bridesmaid outside of the hair salon on the morning of her wedding day.

  73. Arianna Elizabeth says:

    Her body hung from tangled branches, her lifeless nose upturned like she smelled fresh salmon, and my hair dirtied her sweater, DNA of a killer.

  74. willyham says:

    Hair down the drain signaled success; with a gut full of gumption and a fresh razor I’d decided I’d no longer be “Timmy Tangled Pubes.”

  75. boothie says:

    Holding a clump of his rival’s hair, Luca watched his fresh start disappear over the cliff’s edge alongside the tangled mess of hooves and horns.

  76. Samuje01 says:

    Have you ever bitten into a fresh chocolate-chip cookie and ended up spitting out a tangled-up piece of hair?–story of my life.

  77. Adams21 says:

    His tangled hair smelled like a combination of cigarettes and fresh laundry – the domesticated, bad boy.

  78. sayuri says:

    “I used to hate being in the fresh air because it made my hair so tangled,” she laughed, as she brushed her tears away.

  79. yatagarasuro says:

    I lean out the window of the train, the wind tangling my hair, and I inhale the fresh morning scent, feeling tears on my cheeks.

  80. Portoj says:

    He noticed her hair first, an elegant riot of color like the fresh fallen tangled leaves from the Japanese Maple outside his study window.

  81. presley1159 says:

    With wicked longing, he tangled his hands in her hair, jerking her head back revealing lips dripping fresh with the blood of her last victim.

  82. Sinotte says:

    The tangled gold chain glittered from the depths beneath the koi, a fresh competitor’s bauble perched in the rippling reflection of Vivien’s hair.

  83. Shweta says:

    Tangled up in stifling traditions, I nervously studied the photograph – an older man, fresh-faced despite the graying hair, chosen to be my husband.

  84. Jarrett Brandon says:

    The fresh wind blowing from my left sat in sharp contrast to the severed head held at my right, its hair tangled around bloody fingers.

  85. Lisa PK says:

    Nauseous from the coppery stench of her own blood-caked and tangled hair, Angela relished that first breath of fresh air outside the cellar walls.

  86. LtDMB396 says:

    Her iridescent auburn hair unfurled and tangled in the fresh, crisp California air as she leaned hard into the sharp turn on Dead Man’s Curve.

  87. JeffSwitt says:

    “Fresh Peaches” read the roadside sign as I sat helplessly tangled in my seatbelt and puked the acid of the morning’s hair of the dog.

  88. RoseCl says:

    “How am I going to survive Montana?” Kayla wondered as she tried to pull her boot from the tangled barbed wire without falling into the fresh cow pie and horse hair.

    • RoseCl says:

      Too many words. I can’t count that late at night. Sorry. Here’s the rewrite:
      Kayla tried to pull her boot from the tangled barbed wire without falling into the fresh cow pie and horse hair.

  89. jeinsedai says:

    The farmer is losing his hair, his life tangled in piling debts, but this month, the crop he produced is fresh – so he smiled.

  90. Broning says:

    The fresh faced kid removed his cap revealing a head full of tangled hair and said, “You got some nerve asking me to do that!”

  91. dgberry says:

    Oh, what a tangled web our fingers weave in our hair when trying to come up with a fresh idea for a first sentence.

  92. DrG2 says:

    I do not know why this thread exists because this is the same writing prompt as competition #46. Do I need to enter it here, too?

  93. missjavert says:

    She–supine, now, head cradled by a bloodied mass of tangled hair, the blood-scent still fresh and sharp and metallic as a knife–died.

  94. PaigeMatthews says:

    He grabbed her head, tangled his hand in her hair and meeting her eyes said lovingly, “stop being so fresh or I’ll spank you.”

  95. Velle says:

    Teen’s in crowds seem tangled, tightly twined by the tail of a single hair resembling chandeliers, exchange fresh idea’s, the future hangs in the balance.

  96. A. C. Byrd says:

    I mutter as I fight the tangled wires of our VCR , the children’s voices whining for fresh play-doh, the sweat collecting in my hair.

  97. Zoe712 says:

    My hands tear through my hair, in attempts to pull away the tangled thoughts that produce anguish as fresh as the day it occurred.

  98. Zol H says:

    In my fresh baldness, my sympathies were with Gorillaman ripping out his hair because he, too, loathed how the bitch of a mate tangled it.

  99. Edward Boggs says:

    One gains a fresh perspective on life after you tangle with a Denenbian slime-devil and escape merely by a hair.

  100. She stepped out of the shower, fresh and clean, her hair a tangled mess when she was suddenly startled by the door bell.

  101. evelyn says:

    Tangled hair placed neatly in an envelope can give a fresh start to the cancer conqueror.

  102. jcconkright says:

    I remember. Wind fresh with ocean scent. Lights flashing. Mouths moving. Silence. Hair that was my comfort now tangled in a bloody mess.

  103. donnadellis says:

    My 12 year old sister’s hair held a fresh scent of vomit as it lie tangled on the bathroom floor, the harsh reality of chemotherapy

  104. donconfl says:

    The fresh catch of Octopus was tangled like windblown hair.

  105. radatex says:

    The fresh scent of the piney woods still perfumed her hair as she pulled the dry brown needles from her sultry tangles.

  106. slv67 says:

    I held my breath as a raked the comb through the tangled, not so fresh smelling hair of a ragamuffin found staggering along the roadside.

  107. AnnaBea says:

    As Melanie teased strands from the tangled knot in her daughter’s hair, she fought hard to hold back a fresh batch of tears.

  108. BigDanTeague says:

    She stood over me with mussed tangled hair and beguiling eyes, as she moved to turn out the lights I could smell a fresh scent.

  109. esplu says:

    “I was never good at hair,” I lamented as I combed the tangled tail of Unfailing, who whinnied and dropped a fresh one.

  110. DrG2 says:

    WTH? This is competition #46, which I’ve already entered. Do I need to enter here, too?

  111. uriema36 says:

    Determined to forget her tangled past, Marissa caressed her newly-bobbed hair as she savored a fresh cup of coffee, hundreds of miles from Dallas.

  112. Chendi says:

    I remember her face, once fresh and vibrant, concealed by inky locks of hair as her tangled body pressed motionless against the pavement.

  113. Mel Lewis says:

    Yes, the mat of blonde hair tangled up in my braces creeps me out, but the taste of fresh brains is so worth it.

  114. crlyndool59 says:

    The patient’s right hand tangled along with the side rail jerking hair with the bandaged intravenous needle causing fresh blood to stain the bed sheets..

  115. Stacyeliza says:

    The mongrel, lured by fresh blood, forced the assassin to step away from his victim and set the hair trigger on his pistol.

  116. MissGlass says:

    He tangled his fingers in the earth’s swollen roots, feeling for the pulse of the fresh ground and the hair of his whispering lover.

  117. heiditoad says:

    Her hair lay flush against her back as its freshly woven tangles formed a ladder on which he could climb up to grab her thoughts.

  118. jkap1 says:

    Frenzied hounds following her fresh scent led investigators to the murky river, where they discovered strands of silken hair tangled in an overhanging branch.

  119. thebigtime says:

    As she inhaled the fresh ocean air from the lanai, she spotted a tangled fishing net with a decapitated head with seaweed in its hair.

  120. hollylorincz@gmail.com says:

    “What fresh hell is this?” she growled, stuttery under the tender mahogany gaze, egg-eyes peering out from the beast’s tangled mass of eyebrow hair.

  121. jdurham1015 says:

    Emily Blake, fresh out of second grade, pulled her lucky cap over her tangled blonde hair and wished that summer would make things better.

  122. enroc says:

    Yesterday, pale-aired Autumn felt fresh and free from summer’s demand to tuck beach wind ‘neath his hair, but since, the doctor’s life had tangled.

  123. william teague says:

    She fingers her wet tangled hair and passes by, a subtle breeze – the fresh scent of linen follows, trailing her footsteps; Lay, I wait.

  124. catbabbitt says:

    Fresh brisk air swept tangled hair from her face and death stole her gaze.

  125. JR MacBeth says:

    Alyssa struggled desperately with her long hair, now hopelessly tangled into the grate, as the sharks, frenzied with fresh blood, smashed into it, only inches from her bleeding head.

  126. csoundar says:

    Who would believe in the Fresh Hair Fairy who turned up with her hair tangled into a bird’s nest?

  127. karenguccione says:

    Applying a fresh layer of gel to his greased hair, Paul looked as if he’d just tangled with a stylist rather than a neighborhood thug.

  128. wmatters says:

    His bandanna, sunglasses and tangled hair in the toilet, he feels his fresh shaved face, adjusts his stolen uniform and leaves cell block 42, unnoticed.

  129. Janie Fox says:

    More than once, Anthony Luxe had tangled the sheets with this blue-eyed, brunette whose hair smelled of fresh flowers and now here she lay, murdered.

  130. David Baker says:

    Fresh face for Washington, or just another globalist with a hair trigger for genocide and an eagerness to tangle with US patriots?

  131. missB says:

    Fresh coming from him, bastard, his eyes bloodshot – tangled with little red veins – his dirty greasy hair sticking to his forehead, he shouldn’t have…

  132. Ceejae says:

    No, “that” hair—you try to make it smell fresh and sexy with your lavender sachets—but to me, it’s a nasty, tangled mess.

  133. Anca says:

    She woke up with her hair tangled and a fresh bouquet of roses neatly placed by her hospital bed.

  134. bonifas84 says:

    The Roman soldier removed his helmet, revealing hair tangled with blood, as he looked for fresh pasture beyond the bloody battlefield.

  135. sutley1 says:

    “Oh that’s fresh,” Angus mocked, “your heart’s so tangled with envy that your hair has turned green.”

  136. jeannecurtin says:

    Mr. Noah Hair got his foot tangled up in my garden hose and plunged face-first into my fresh-picked melons.

  137. mariamaff says:

    Fresh out of her sham of a marriage, she awoke one morning tangled up in his arms, hair still clutched in his fingers………..finally alive.

  138. Mary Ellen says:

    Curls of bright red hair were just visible under the tangled mass of rebar and concrete, scarlet with splatters of fresh blood.

  139. Kallina says:

    His dreadlocked hair shook with mirth as he held up his fresh yellow jack and I struggled with my tangled line.

  140. fleming1970 says:

    “How in the hell did you get your hair tangled in the lawn mower?” she asked as she sipped a glass of fresh lemonade.

  141. kmwhite says:

    I pried my eyes open, smelling the fresh dewy morning air and observing my surroundings as I ran my hand through my tangled hair.

  142. seliz says:

    Rookie mistakes, thought Eli with a sneer as he put a single hair found in the tangle of sheets into a fresh evidence bag.

  143. The smell of fresh blood filled my nose as I yanked my tangled hair from the gate, wondering: how’d I get into this mess again?

  144. RoseHuntWolf says:

    Megan awoke to malicious grumpkins snickering through the gap in the closet door and a fresh dollop of Widowshanks Wart Remover tangled in her hair.

  145. skdunning says:

    Once, long ago, the tangled scent of spruce and pine drifted fresh through the meadow, and the sun dried the river from her hair.

  146. mvn7705 says:

    As I fall, the gelid wind of death blows my hair in this tangled situation,
    foretelling the end. Splash! Fresh blood on the street.

  147. bigbluemug says:

    Nothing aroused Sam’s sleepy senses like the aroma of fresh brewed coffee, but the musky scent of his wife’s tangled morning hair sure came close.

  148. Kit Cooley says:

    She held her breath: the smell of fresh blood teased her, and tangled blue veins stood out on the backs of her hands as she adjusted the wire to the hair-trigger of the trap.

  149. meridious says:

    “You are a fresh, young bastard for sure, with your pretty hair down to your waist and entangled with your belt and all,” said Barbarous.

  150. CRKirschner says:

    The fresh scent of body wash lingered on his skin as Amanda traced her fingers through his chest hair, their bodies still tangled in the sheets.

  151. Jenni Wiltz says:

    I floated in the sea, tangled in a fresh burst of seaweed and spray like hair laced through the tines of a tortoiseshell comb.

  152. kyhn says:

    A tangled spiderweb, a hair of my husbands back and the fresh prince of Bell-Air were to be the ingrediences in a deadly cocktail.

  153. MAFAZA says:

    Early in the morning, fresh air blew her dry tangled hair as she jogged along the beach

  154. ELJ says:

    Del awoke ten feet from where he stood when the mine exploded, his skin burned, S.C.B.A tangled in his hair and fresh blood pooled inside his ears.

  155. kbdunkin says:

    Waving goodbye, the hard lines of the yellow bus blurred from fresh tears; Kate’s tangled hair screamed for help like she did only hours before.

  156. lukiepete says:

    The fat caliph lay perspiring, tangled in fresh sheets, as his odalisque absentmindedly stroked his wooly hair, silently grieving for her spent youth.

  157. rlord says:

    Needing a fresh start from the tangled web weaved the night before, she downed her morning potion of ‘hair of the dog’.

  158. Carrol says:

    Walking out into the fresh air, her hair blowing around her face; she realized what a tangled mess her words had created.

  159. jmartin134 says:

    Chasin’ that rabbit is pure trouble, all barkin’, runnin’, sore paws, and tangled hair for nothin’; perhaps a fresh perspective is required.

  160. RykerDavis says:

    Every morning mother would harvest the fresh hair from the trees in the back yard before it became tangled.

  161. mama11211 says:

    Groggily, in the fresh spring air wafting through the bedroom window, I woke to find my hair tangled in the fist of a slumbering toddler.

  162. Anne says:

    I’ll admit, tangling with a kraken for fresh seafood wasn’t the best thing I could do for my hair this morning.

  163. cemartin2 says:

    His name was Remo and his fingers were tangled in the hair, scalp and brains of yet another smart-mouthed, fresh, young punk.

    (Channeling Warren Murphy, Richard Sapir and Will Murray FTW)

  164. KatebyDesign says:

    “The name’s Fresh, ” he said as he drew the comb from his hair to conquer the tangled headphone cord he’d knotted in anticipation.

  165. PaytonD says:

    The air was fresh and steamy he ran his fingers through her tangled hair as she started to scream.

  166. Leloni Tabbyra says:

    A tangled trio of fresh taffy, gooey gum and malice is a hair-trigger situation waiting to happen.

  167. SnapGinger says:

    The air was fresh and crisp as she stepped out into the morning sun and threw her tangled mess of hair into a sloppy bun.

  168. xoxokarly says:

    I watched silently as the small girl with tangled hair took a tentative first step out of the dilapidated cabin into the fresh air.

  169. Ylomas says:

    Brandy Torety was a tall, lean muscular man with shaggy tangled hair, but suprisingly it was very fresh.

  170. WhitneyX313 says:

    We lay there tangled together under the fresh linen, and he brushes my hair from my face; I know what this is.

  171. JWLaviguer says:

    Screaming as her tangled hair was pulled further into the machinery, the wolves approached, the smell of fresh blood making them bolder.

  172. K.Wells says:

    “Fresh after what operation?” he asked, and the hair on the back of his neck spiked as he withdrew in horror from their tangled limbs.

  173. whitemouse says:

    Storm clouds roiled overhead and hair whipped around my face as I tangled my fingers in the fresh wounds of the pulsing mass below.

  174. Michelle says:

    He whipped his greying unwashed hair back, unveiling a fresh face of excitement while the strum of each guitar chord tangled in the air.

  175. knightauthor says:

    “Fresh,” was all she could say to his tangled way of thinking; getting next to her would take more than just lusting over her hair.

  176. kfcaudell says:

    She put her hand to her tangled hair and felt fresh blood.

  177. “What fresh evidence?” she tried to focus, her thoughts all tangled like overcooked angel-hair pasta.

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