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Writing Challenge: Can You Write the Opening Sentence to a Story Based on This Photo?

Categories: Fun, General, There Are No Rules Blog by the Editors of Writer's Digest, WD Magazine, What's New Tags: Writing challenge, your story, Zachary Petit.

And now, it’s time once again for our long-running writing challenge: The Your Story contest. Think of it like The New Yorker’s caption contest with a WD twist.

In every issue of Writer’s Digest, we give our readers a chance to get published in the magazine by responding to a writing prompt. Here’s the latest, from our (most excellent) November/December 2013 issue:


In 25 words or fewer, write the opening sentence to a story based on this photo:

Your Story


Want in? Post your entry in the Comments section below, and it’ll automatically be entered in the competition.

The rules:

  • Your sentence (just one, only one!) must be 25 words or fewer, no exceptions.
  • The deadline is Nov. 25, 2013.
  • One entry per person, please.
  • How it all works: We’ll select the top 10 entries and post them on our forum. In early December, readers will vote for their favorites to help rank the winners.
  • This is a free writing competition. The prize is publication in WD.
  • Finally, as we say about this contest in the magazine: “You can be funny, poignant, witty, etc. It is, after all, your story.”

Good luck! And, as always, happy Friday.

Zachary Petit (@ZacharyPetit) is the senior managing editor of Writer’s Digest magazine. Check out the latest issue of WD—which features an exclusive dual interview with Anne Rice and Christopher Rice, and a feature package on how to improve your craft in simple, effective ways—in print, or on your favorite tablet.


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233 Responses to Writing Challenge: Can You Write the Opening Sentence to a Story Based on This Photo?

  1. PennySteele says:



  2. ExplicitlyMe says:

    When the tide came my first thought was, my shoes!

  3. Karen Snow says:

    Perched atop a chair at the ocean’s edge seemed like a brilliant modeling photo idea until an icy wave drenched my white skirt and spirit.

  4. David A. Carlson says:

    “Well, shit,” Lucy said after realizing that the tide had come in faster than she expected. “Now, how am I going to get back to shore without getting my leather pumps wet?”

  5. lhsousa says:

    She never imagined how utterly alone she would be when it was finally time to make a stand.

  6. flowercity says:

    A dream is a memory that is trying to escape but is wading between the desire to forget and the need to remember.

  7. gabrielarvcampos says:

    And there she was, standing sadly, looking down: she was a step away from eternity.

  8. joejansen says:

    Are comments here moderated? I don’t see any entries logged after 22 November (and there was a 25 November deadline).

  9. TheresaG says:

    As his voice trailed off, warm liquid swelled around her chair forcing her to her feet where she prepared for a new portal to open.

  10. joejansen says:

    Kara hefted her duffel into the truck bed and thought how eighteen didn’t feel so much like “adult” once it came time to go.

  11. The mermaid, sick to death of never being good enough for the prince, decided that she would return to her watery roots.

  12. VeryScottHaley says:

    “Not that I’m complaining, but why do we meet here?” asks Isabelle, who avoids eye contact with the starring nude beach inhabitants on shore.

  13. VeryScottHaley says:

    “Not that I’m complaining, but why do we meet here?” asks Isabelle, while avoiding eye contact with the starring nude beach inhabitants on shore.

  14. DebbieRu says:

    “This is my story, you’re never going to believe it, but I’m in this mess.”

  15. wheresmyluce says:

    I don’t care how much cheaper it is to travel by submarine breaking the surface is always a bitch.

  16. She appeared again in my dream, standing trapped on a chair in water, but I knew it wasn’t real, because Christina was already dead.

  17. marilinna says:

    The surge of perplexity, left foot or right, had her trammelled while Walt’s voice waltzed around her, assuring “You just follow”.

  18. marilinna says:

    The surge of perplexity had her trammelled. Left foot or right? “In the waltz, you just follow.” Walt’s patient voice seemed to soar around her.

  19. Simmers says:

    With a wry smirk hooked on her lips, glimmering from a shrouded face, she was elegantly resigned to take a shallow plunge into rising waters.

  20. trnrnic says:

    She didn’t mind waiting for the extraterrestrials to pick her up, she just wished they’d done a better job of choosing a meeting place.

  21. jules123 says:

    Although I know what I did was wrong, through this reoccurring dream I feel like I have a second chance to make things right.

  22. oddsquad says:

    Many things throughout life are frightening, but in this moment, alone, surrounded by the surging sea atop a flimsy folding chair, Mercy feared nothing

  23. oddsquad says:

    Many things throughout life are frightening, but in this moment, alone, surrounded by the surging sea atop a flimsy folding chair, Mercy feared nothing.

  24. IronicX says:

    Calamity, Nature’s stealthy assassin prowls Kate’s inner world. Her undisturbed guise, a broken masterpiece dwindling on hope of acceptance.

  25. Chrisidavis says:

    Jeremy swore to himself that he would never go to any of his friends girlfriends’ art installations ever again.

  26. Louis Poulakos says:

    Obsessive Compulsive Demons had their lil Kassandra nervously curtsy as she scried in the surf her Viking King’s fiery rebirth.

  27. free4m says:

    I guess turning Gobi Desert into Gobi Ocean went a long way towards confirming what Mom always said about the dangers of Constructing with water.

  28. kilasol says:

    And as I looked down i realized, we are all islands drifting into this ocean known as possibility.

  29. lbarnitz says:

    She knew every note and pause in the recital piece, and the sound that emerged was perfectly executed and utterly dead.

  30. lecoop says:

    “You can do anything”, the inspirational speaker had repeated, and Patsy Knut knew without a doubt that she could hold back the tide.

  31. melissakandel says:

    Her new dress would certainly ruin in the sea but traveling by sinking chair was the only way to visit the secret land called Brixie.

  32. T.K.Ryan says:

    They were getting worse and happening more often now, as the lines of reality blurred beyond depiction.
    Still, she could hear them laughing from here.

  33. baphillips says:

    At a recent meeting of the gods, the human question was decided once and for all,

  34. burly27 says:

    I don’t fear the sharks waiting to devour me but the first leap into the unknown.

  35. Grub Street says:

    I looked down and caught my breath; dear God, the water was receding.

  36. ArickaLynne says:

    I refuse to drown; even if my tears are trying to swallow me up, I’d just grab a chair and watch them strive for me.

  37. Darlene says:

    “Well,” she answered, “I’ dragged it out here to stand on it and say ‘yes’ to the ocean–and ‘no’ to further paddle boat rides. “

  38. Janovic says:

    His words came back to haunt her: for what purpose does the conundrum exist if not to be resolved?

  39. parichitag says:

    She wanted to die in a perfect way, but the stain on the hem of her skirt was making her rethink the perfectness of it!

  40. ejaneduvall says:

    If I survive this I will work tirelessly to make this fiasco infamous as the low water mark for the Destination Wedding Industry.

  41. baucoms says:

    I glance once at her photo before ripping it from my dash, crumbling it, regretting it, and wondering why she’d never taken one with me.

  42. gszewcow says:

    “Save my seat,” he said. So I did. I never thought it’d be this long, but I knew I at least owed him that much.

  43. showdonttell says:

    All Kelly could think of at that moment was how pissed her sister would be at having lent her her new skirt.

  44. SMelians says:

    So ended the worst game of musical chairs ever played since the Titanic.

  45. dmcmurph says:

    My head was swimming. My legs a rickety basement folding chair. It rose, getting closer. In my mind, her voice. “Do it. Jump in.”

  46. Kalymi says:

    As the stakes were rising for the coveted promotion out of Haskal’s dead-end secretarial pool, so was Katelyn’s skirt.

  47. ScopeD says:

    As I stood on the chair, I saw the decomposing cadavers below as the stench of the overflowing skulduggery filled my nostrils.

  48. I felt the promise of sunshine warm my skin and, in the next moment, doubt swept out of the way with the receding waters.

  49. kathmlavery says:

    Juniper stared at her skirt repeating her Grandmother’s words, “blue sea, blue sky, white skirt, thigh high,” but something just did not seem right.

  50. kvarner says:

    The worst thing about time travel is that you never know where you’ll land.

  51. JSidd says:

    To no avail, Sara stood on a chair in the shallow shores, demanding the lazy tide pay her back for ruining her smart phone.

  52. Todd Mercer says:

    Marina awoke to water lapping over her bunk, climbed above-board, found the others were gone, the boat sinking; there was only open sea, a chair.

  53. gambl1cn says:

    22 more hours. Just 22 more on this damn chair, and then I will have the money and all of my problems will sink away.

  54. mbarthelmes says:

    Call me Melanie.

  55. Ramona says:

    I’m trapped within my past, surrounded by the waves of fear, so terrified of drowning back beneath the depth of the flowing streams.

  56. Dyane357 says:

    I suddenly realized that the anticipation of death is worse than death itself.

  57. JCross says:

    The yawning mouth of a gray world sought to swallow me whole, but I refused to surrender.

  58. Karen Sullivan says:

    As the waiter approached, Geraldine paused to consider her embarrassment before exclaiming to her date, “I THOUGHT YOU SAID YACHT CLUB, NOT HOT TUB!”

  59. jperdue says:

    Claudette’s mother was a Future Quality Planner.

  60. Saevar says:

    Mary watch the swirling tide reveal the decomposing face of her ex-boyfriend as blood crept down her thighs, she had lost their baby.

  61. pongogirl says:

    This was unlike the belly of any beast Leonora had passed through before.

  62. keenewriter says:

    I told Miss Peg that today was not the day to make alterations on my skirt.

  63. ChalaRee says:

    I have became a illusionary participant of oppressive liars acting rambunctious.

  64. TreaMae says:

    Nadia steeled herself for that first step into the unknown, anticipating the grand adventure she was embarking on.

  65. ggearlds says:

    As the guests were pulling up to the house, I was stranded on a chair, surrounded by the failure of our sump pump

  66. Chuwbaka says:

    Something happened, its dripping, more then pouring, but seems that something else is on my mind…

  67. josepv says:

    This was the day to move on; she knew she waited for too long: it had to be now.

  68. SuzannaQ says:

    She was not a girl who needed saving, she could do that herself, but it would have been nice to have someone dry her off.

  69. JuiceByJ0sh says:

    She looked out at the abyss that surrounded her, and the water rose.

  70. Clinton says:

    Bella’s ocean of woes was slowly seeping into her dreams.

  71. Shelia says:

    All I had to do was jump through to the other side where the world was dry and black and white as my dress.

  72. tracillaf says:

    When is that damn whale going to jump, thought Emily impatiently waiting to be pummeled.

  73. Fidelian says:

    The girl’s curse; it was sometimes impossible to distinguish reality from what her mind told her was happening.

  74. Y.X.Re says:

    It was only when I found myself immersed by the rising tide, standing on a rickety chair, that it occurred to me: wearing high heels was not my best idea today.

  75. vlazabal says:

    Where others saw padded walls, dim lights, a bare mattress, Audrey saw her surroundings for what they were – and she was running out of time.

  76. Although Andrea expected to make waves with the impromptu revealing of her soon-to-be wife, she was surprised to find the sudden flood rushing below the seat of the rickety chair she was standing on.

  77. maeve_c says:

    She had meticulously and painstakingly prepared for the wrong challenge.

  78. 4ndyman says:

    Mary regretted wearing heels to her first walking-on-water lesson.

  79. mflynn09 says:

    The chair is not the ideal conveyance of time and space, a moral Jane Learner was soon to discover.

  80. maestra316 says:

    “I can’t believe I have these beautiful legs,” Tiannha gasped. “My sisters will be jealous and my dad furious. Now I can’t marry the Merprince!”

  81. 12doggirl says:

    You promised an unforgettable night, that may be true, for this night is one of my worst nights with you.

  82. The Sandman says:

    Wherever her husband was now, for the first time in her life Maureen was grateful he had left the seat up.

  83. Islandgirl2 says:

    As the water surged around her, Candace thought the last thing she should be thinking was “Did my dress label say DRY CLEAN ONLY?”.

  84. Kera says:

    ‘Tis a curious thing the act of the gods, but I will l forever be reminded of this: do not question it.

  85. Electes says:

    “Oh, lovely, now where am I gonna find a new photographer on such short notice?”

  86. Toria says:

    They all gasped and pointed at her predicament but she hid her smile beneath her hair; she didn’t need saving.

  87. phoenix_rising says:

    The spell specified to stand on the chair, but I must have mispronounced the words because this isn’t suppose to be a water-covered planet.

  88. MrChuckles says:

    Annie’s thighs burned from standing on the damned folding chair, but she didn’t dare step off until she was sure the sea snake was gone.

  89. Logan says:

    “The chair on my back is for your convenience,” said the giant tortoise, “but please sit down for the journey’s long and you’ll become weary.”

    I tried to enter on Friday evening…but I don’t see my original sentence….so I am doing it again…just in case.

  90. goodgrammer says:

    I was led to believe that my bravery and my love could get me through; I was taught that faith was all.

  91. ExactlyEva says:

    I prided myself on remaining level-headed in my romantic relationships, but when I met Leland, I thought “surely, surely I could drown in those eyes.”

  92. Serinde says:

    This had to be bad dream. Am I in a blue dress? Should I expect to see the Walrus?

  93. Mahto says:

    Romantic date in the abandoned water tower, he said. We’ll bring chairs, sip wine, and talk, he said. What could be more romantic? He said.

  94. Nicola R. White says:

    Wendy thought of Peter alone on his rock and knew he had been right – to die would be an awfully big adventure.

    Apologies if this shows as a duplicate comment, but my post from yesterday seems to be missing.

  95. JS.Alian says:

    Bearing her heart to the sea of people, masking despair behind her raven hair, a bow she takes and steadies her grace…Deafening Applause follows!

    • JS.Alian says:

      Should be….”Baring her soul”! It sounds much better.

      Baring her soul to the sea of people, masking despair behind her raven hair, a bow she takes and steadies her grace…Deafening Applause follows!

  96. Mark Penix says:

    Very seldom do those who drown stop to admire their reflections, but even in death Mary sought to keep up appearances.

  97. all.is.fair says:

    Knowing how ridiculous this would sound, Helena made the call, anyway. “Lucy, there’s water everywhere…” rushed out, as the chair sunk deeper into the floor.

  98. Dminor6 says:

    The rest of the guests had gone, long before the tide came in, but she remained, still in disbelief, that he actually said, “I do.”

  99. leadrian says:

    They called it a practical joke, but a folding chair two miles out on a sandbar isn’t practical, and I sure don’t remember laughing.

  100. Tuxlives says:

    Staring at the photo of the women, he wondered what she was thinking. Gun readied once again, he stepped through the door.

  101. Islandgirl2 says:

    As the water surged around her, Candace knew the last thing she should be thinking was “Did my dress
    label say DRY CLEAN ONLY?”.

  102. Bella85 says:

    When Michelle awoke, she knew the meaning – her problems, for now, are the shallow part of the ocean.

  103. amanda3496 says:

    Jump. Don’t jump. They were my two options as I stood teetering, ready to dive headfirst into the ocean that was called, my life.

  104. JS.Alian says:

    Bearing her heart to the sea of people, masking despair behind her raven hair…
    a bow she takes and steadies’ her grace…deafening Applause follows!

  105. Getty says:

    I have stopped dreaming anything but the dream of the chair in the ocean, and myself standing on it.

  106. Prazingwoman says:

    I was having that dream again where each time I try desperately to wake up, because engaging my greatest fear, the water grows higher.

  107. amyshan says:

    Rachelle stared down at her feet and screamed. “I told you I would jump and I will! I mean it!”

  108. sthomashome says:

    The dream came rushing back in gentle waves at first, lapping at all-but-forgotten memories of that long ago summer.

  109. Gwenie says:

    Although Mae had little room on the chair, she surveyed her outfit carefully, “can I turn this into a flotation device when the chair sinks?”

  110. printwrite says:

    Staring at the ocean waves lapping the shore, she carried her chair to the water’s edge. Standing on the seat Sarah watched the tide rise.

  111. starla80 says:

    Molly sat at her kitchen table mourning for David and feeling as if the world was closing up around her.

  112. JustSomeGuy says:

    At forty, she had spent a lifetime running. On the edge. Not ready to fall. He leaned in for the kiss, and love caught her.

  113. Safal says:

    Alone, without any escape, she was hoping an angel would come and rescue her.

  114. Islandgirl2 says:

    As the water surged around her, Candance knew the last thing she should be thinking was “Did my dress label say “DRY CLEAN ONLY?”.

  115. Islandgirl2 says:

    As the water surged higher, Candace knew the last thing she should be thinking was “Did my dress label say DRY CLEAN ONLY?”

  116. jonathans says:

    Stupid place to take a high school graduation photo, huh?

  117. Jay Kay says:

    She tip-toed atop the chair but the morbid waters kept rising; slack-jawed heads, severed limbs in the depths; she clutched her dress and screamed.

  118. tobordab says:

    Every night, when I find myself in this time and place, with such lucidity, I know that I must helplessly await his arrival.

  119. sue@esues.com says:

    At the ocean, Jenna was afraid to get in the water due to her fear of sharks, so Rory came up with a unique resolution.

  120. N.K. Sinn says:

    Sondra realized that climbing onto the kitchen chair was a bad idea when her water broke.

  121. N.K. Sinn says:

    Sondra had no idea that she was pregnant, until she climbed the kitchen chair and her water broke.

  122. cynicalkate says:

    Although the waters receded and the sun crept from behind the clouds, the darkness remained.

  123. Karri says:

    As the boat slowly sank, I prayed, ‘Please God hold my hand; I don’t want to die alone.’

  124. savagelucy says:

    Suffering the grief and delirium of recent heartbreak, Maya found it imperative to confirm that there actually were, in fact, other fish in the sea.

  125. legeScott3 says:

    She stood there wanting to speak but time was not on her side; she was left to drown with thoughts unsaid.

    Sorry I accidentally put my comment under another comment. This is my actual sentence for the contest.

  126. anuya says:

    Precariously perched on the chair, Anna could not believe that she finally had made it into the A list modelling industry.

  127. sierrac says:

    I remember laying in the hammock on the beach, watching the sunset …this is just a dream…wake me up now!!!

  128. bullettbob323 says:

    My isolation progresses to feeling as if I’m trapped in the center of an endless ocean; lost to the world I once so loved.

  129. RainbowGirl says:

    Then she asked me if my mother had passed by drowning and I began to weep uncontrollably, my tears creating pools of their own.

  130. mhuggett says:

    Darya stood motionless, she’d avoided the mouse, but for how long?

  131. hopeh1122 says:

    You can’t stop me, Mom. I’m doing this. I stood on the chair. A wave rolled over my patent leather shoes as the chair sank.

  132. TribeRox says:

    I think it’s safe to say this mind transporting thing is going to take me a lot longer to master then I thought!

  133. lueddecke says:

    Standing alone and staring at her reflection, Erin realized that death did not feel the way she had expected.

  134. MBlizz01 says:

    She climbed onto the chair as the water rose around her, she dreaded what would happen if it toppled underneath her overly self criticized weight.

  135. Xwolf83 says:

    Left stranded by the ocean’s rising tides and her emotions, Lilly, had never before considered the life choices she’s made; that is, until now.

  136. Becky says:

    No matter what her husband said, Mary knew they would regret hiring a plumber who used Craigslist as his primary method of advertising.

  137. Clayton says:

    The noose slipped from her neck and the chair reasserted itself, but no longer was she suspended from the rafters; waves lapped at her toes.

  138. So I wore the wrong shoes to the apocalypse.

  139. Logan says:

    “The chair is for your convenience,” said the hospitable giant tortoise, “but sit down, for the journey is long and standing will make you weary.”

  140. jrhenry36 says:

    Oh crap, I‘ll never hear the end of this from my dad, “See, I told you to never flush a tampon!

  141. Daniel M says:

    What? You don’t think it is so bad? This chair is perched on the peak of my roof.

  142. tlmeng says:

    There’s no telling how long I’d been wallowing in self pity, but it was clear that I would drown if I didn’t pull myself together.

  143. Ghost in the Machine says:

    “Oh dear,” Amelia said, watching the object tumble into the depths, “how am I going to get it back now?”

  144. Bluesqueen says:

    He said her right kneecap looked like a face ready to tell a story, taking a picture to show her, hoping she might speak again.

  145. divalicious says:

    Ugh, when I moved to LA I knew the modelling jobs would get a bit weird, but this isn’t what I had in mind.

  146. Sun_Suz says:

    The first time I saw her defined all of our following encounters, for as I watched, the water danced in obedience to her orchestral hand.

  147. Humourme says:

    “I suppose it’s too late to request a wetsuit?” I said to the director, who was grinning like Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

  148. Julia Byers says:

    The fall hurts worse than the climb.

  149. ccz says:

    Beatrice, always rethinking her life choices, realized she definitely wore the wrong shoes.

  150. diashwini says:

    Staring at the rising tide, Martha was trying to keep herself afloat in the tide of whirling thoughts.

  151. sscottsky says:

    Hoping to join the water ballet team, despite her fear of water,Karen nervously followed her boyfriend’s advice and prepared to jump off the chair.

  152. MolleeOstDag says:

    Have you ever had a dream so vivid that it was thought it to be real and it cannot be explained?

  153. wendybooks says:

    This is my subconscious obviously telling me to stop being afraid of falling in love and just jump in.

  154. JTR Franklin says:

    In a new world, a new Eve still disappointed God so much she had to escape from his tears.

  155. Rebecca stared down into the swirling water, wondering how long it would take the tide to recede, leaving her balancing on the crumbling wet sand.

  156. J.A. Burnett says:

    One hazy impression of the recurring nightmare–the bitter sadness emanating from the abysmal sky where there was no god–haunted her into the dawn.

  157. Linda Goin says:

    The rattlesnakes circling Meg’s chair suddenly softened into waves washing softly around her, a vast ocean that obliterated the blazing desert floor.

  158. Gailya says:

    Rebecca gazed around, floating out to sea as two things became painfully apparent, she needed a larger chair and she should have worn flats.

  159. Rachel was beginning to think the unconventional engagement photos were a bad idea after all.

  160. jhwaaser says:

    The water was rising slowly, and Melissa had never learned to swim.

  161. TrinityRae4 says:

    When Raymond told Maryanne that ketamine was nothing like anything else she’d experienced before, he hadn’t been lying!

  162. joncoaltz says:

    “My skirt looks short because I have long shins!” I’d said, and now, water rising around me, I laughed as I remembered her disapproving scowl.

  163. NattieS says:

    Longing to build a raft to ride my tears, the chair will do, as I embark on this bold journey derived from so many disappointments

  164. ElinorP says:

    Flipping my fin madly, expertly, I clawed through the murky cold praying, “Let me be a girl again, just let me be a girl”.

  165. burlingk says:

    And he saw her there, on the beach, looking up to the sky as if expecting an answer to some unspoken question.

  166. DragonSlayer says:

    The way she felt after hearing the news, was as though she was standing in an open field, quickly submerging under water.

  167. Tuba says:

    Looking down at the sea, she found it deep, blue and cold; perfect to put an end to the games her life had been playing.

  168. Leslie Leigh says:

    Sonny surfaced, flecks of bone and ash glinting in the tide.

  169. kayock says:

    As with all her dreams this one though chaotic held some measure of future events.

  170. nicholldenice says:

    I have this recurring dream that I am standing on a chair in the middle of ocean in my Sunday skirt.

  171. xxreyz says:

    It only took an instant for my barren heart to flourish with new, alien emotions as I finally sensed the growing life inside me.

  172. Martin Lake says:

    Noah had better hurry up with that Ark.

  173. hsminnie says:

    It was her faith, not the physical, that kept her from drowning each day.

  174. Kitty Hawkins says:

    Hmmm, the water is rising fast. I’m thinking I should have worn a shorter skirt. Should I be scared?

  175. stays72 says:

    The crash killed her dreams and all was lost – the Cristal, Gulfstream and Wolford stockings – swept to the sea like discarded Dunhills on the Riviera.

  176. mealey says:

    The villagers knew not to make Lana cry, but Jacob laughed at curses; he became a believer when the water rushed into his body.

  177. Dante says:

    A chair to support her buckling legs, Stacy looked to the audience who may as well have been sharks circling her ocean of a stage.

  178. kwauthor says:

    Unable to cope with the world around her, Marielle found herself afloat in a sea of emotions.

  179. abbeangel says:

    I knew I shouldn’t have had that last Mimosa!

  180. azukaod says:

    The apotheosis of a little girl is like rising above all tides; like child’s play. But it becomes serious if she is consumed by it.

  181. jdpoots says:

    Death was not at all as she had expected it to be, although she was pleased to see her wrists were left unscarred.

  182. jjessie3d says:

    Note to self: Never go to a beach wedding just before high tide. It can ruin everything.

  183. lmsuire says:

    Perhaps a beach side tea party at high tide to impress the Junior League had not been one of Alyce’s most stellar ideas.

  184. RodrigoMG says:

    She was standing above Earth itself, but still, standing on the edge…

  185. josieO says:

    Frank grabbed me and the chair, plopped us in the ocean, smiled and said that this is a photo we can show our kids someday.

  186. valmoore says:

    As there are beginnings, there are endings. May I be cleaned, and purified from my mind to my feet. This will not over come me.

  187. ashleyp2898 says:

    “This will get their attention,” Sadie mused, ignoring her wet shoes.

  188. AutumnMacLaren says:

    I couldn’t help but wonder why it was I could never seem to hold down a job for more than a week.

  189. LadyKate says:

    Julie had done stranger things during a photo shoot, but standing on a wet chair in the Pacific definitely left her curious about the photographer.

  190. solange12 says:

    There was nowhere else to run to, nowhere but a sliver of white space perched atop the nothingness of Being.

  191. stephvance says:

    Annabelle looked curiously at her soaked ballet flats, and the lapping saltwater beneath them, as if she was surprised she’d done it again.

  192. Glenda says:

    Watching as the rising tide rushed in to wash me out to sea, my only thought was that my $200 Kate Spade shoes were toast.

  193. Shelby_Stoner says:

    There I was, standing on top of a world drowning in its own decay, and the only thing that kept me from sinking with it was hope.

  194. jrpbooks says:

    Everyone told her if she didn’t get her feet wet she would never know if she liked it, but this was a bit ridiculous.

  195. The Captain says:

    The water was rising, with dry land and life nowhere in sight, and she was alone with nothing but this chair to keep her dry.

  196. Tiago Mota says:

    Up to this point, it has been a unsurprisingly ordinary day, and Prudence couldn’t help but try and remember how things got her there.

  197. Srspencer_38 says:

    As I gaze upon my ex husband’s horrific secret, my anguished spirit will be persistant until he’s charged.

  198. CAHarvey says:

    Water, dripping unmercifully, trapping me in it’s completeness, compelling me to wake up and search out the bathroom.

  199. mindeejholmes says:

    I knew this would end very badly, yet for as much as hindsight is 20/20, foresight is a blinding, beautiful light bathed in denial.

  200. Sarawaqar says:

    My eccentric being was not what I expected him anticipate on this extraordinary venture, rather I was determined just to be myself.

  201. kmchavez03c says:

    The ocean waves washed over her feet, beckoning her to return to the ocean she once called home.

  202. Debbie Leveski says:

    No woman is an island, let the story be told; it is her ageless beauty, grace and compassion that balances all of humanity and mankind.

  203. sherab says:

    Well,when the appearance of the sea is getting calm down with slight rains,her heart is still satisfying with her smiling face.

  204. tcklatt says:

    As the bride and groom exchanged vows, a tidal wave of remorse washed over Meg; she knew what she needed to do.

  205. CrashHiker says:

    Water pouring off the seat was an accusation; Jacob always told her she never truly lived, but it was too late, and he was right.

  206. sybregout says:

    In retrospect, wearing my lucky skirt to my chiropodist appointment may have been a mistake.

  207. jpbaker says:

    A world where innocent thoughts and emotions take form to claim the lives of its unsuspecting victims; this is my nightmare.

  208. Shade says:

    Time seemed to fail her every time and it came too soon for her to decide between courage and cowardice.

  209. William Scott Harkey says:

    “It’s a good thing I did a line before this stupid photo shoot,” Haley whispered to herself.

  210. Barb says:

    It was a Tuesday when Dr. Ross called Violet to tell her that the cancer was gone and she felt like she could walk on water.

  211. alexadexa says:

    My shoes are wet and that grilled cheese sandwich Robert made for me isn’t sitting well. Worst birthday to date.

  212. lloydvance says:

    She could hear them laughing beyond the wall of the pool and thought, “In two more seconds, I’ll fly and they’ll shut up.”

  213. roquealexandra says:

    This chair has been my life raft but, as I stare at the possibility of love before me I wonder, should I swim…?

  214. jeanette.evans says:

    This marketing campaign is almost all wet.

  215. bookwormgrrl says:

    One thing was for certain, Shannon thought as she watched the coffin bob up and down, her mother’s funeral was ruined.

  216. katkatmt says:

    While being trapped in a room of slowly rising water would have overwhelmed anyone, Sophie’s first thought was at least I wore this short skirt.

  217. taragebhardt says:

    Stranded in the big city that was once a beacon of hope, Amelia could sense the waves crashing around her, and she pondered jumping in.

  218. Selway151 says:

    It was all lost, washed away hideously by the ebbs and flows of life, yet in that moment, she had found herself.

  219. I thought the saleswoman said this outfit would have me flooded with compliments.

  220. Sylvia A. says:

    It was a room but now it was an ocean: slamming at my feet, washing the faces of my brothers until I joined them.

  221. Graeme_Smith says:

    Being born, thought Aphrodite, was going to be a right bugger – and a shell beat a chair any century.

  222. Matty Weaves says:

    In the face of death most people think about their family or friends, yet my only thoughts were, “Why did I wear the white one?”

  223. smalbright1970 says:

    Earth’s end finally caught Samara after years of climbing mountains, fighting desert heat and the insect infested jungles; the ocean caught her.

  224. selenya says:

    When Gloria had been told to expect a wedding at sea, this wasn’t what she’d had in mind.

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