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You are one quick step away from accessing the “How Do I Write & Sell Short Fiction” download. Discover the answers to questions like: What is the difference between crisis and climax in a traditional short story? Should I send a query for my short stories?

19 Responses to How Do I Write & Sell Short Fiction Free Download

  1. that’s would be amazing and so meaningful, i’m coming :p

  2. Just testing to be ready for tomorrow. Happy poeming, all!

  3. labixiaoxin says:

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  4. Thomas says:

    I’m hoping to see my name in print some day I enjoy writing poetry short stories as well as gospel songs
    I’ve been writing for quite sometime now I still find the craft of writing to be extremely tiresome As a writer I enjoy the beauty of creating my own style of writing. What I don’t like as a writer especially as unknown author is overcoming rejection any suggestions Thomas Reed

    • kmtrotto says:

      Have faith in your work. Revise and improve, yes. But believe in your work. It’s helpful to hear, as I have, that Harry Potter got more than 50 rejections, the Da Vinci Code more than 100. There’re at least 150 agents out there cursing their own pigheadedness.

  5. konradjozef says:

    I had been interested in writing since high school. My ultimate goal in life is to be a prolific writer. I consider my writings to be ( Universal), because I will one day like to write Drama, Action, Adventure, Comedy,Horror movies and Documentary etc….

  6. harryngh says:

    You can use this tool as a supplement:
    Word Count Tool

  7. CairennRhys says:

    Download doesn’t work on any of the articles. Every time one is clicked, it logs me out. Too bad WD isn’t listening to its customers.

  8. Attiyya says:

    What sucks is how they ask for you email. Now I’m thinking who did I just give my email to for just 14 pages of a book that was promised.

  9. sakuflowers@gmail.com says:

    Yes, my download was successful and I learned a lot from the hints given in the book, but it started from page 270 or some such thing.
    I have a whole collection of short stories and short short stories, but I need an agent who would publish the collection in one lot.

  10. laurieanne says:

    Yeah I have had the same problem. It will say Success! But no download….

    • I am hoping this downloads! My name is Marvin D. Schrebe. I am the owner/editor of Mid0-Ohio Valley Poetry Magazine in Parkersburg WV. We are a new magazine and we are taking submissions from new writers without a query letter. Can you believe that? Submit short stories for the June issue by May 15th. No longer than 2,000 words please and keep them child friendly. We are a family oriented, Christian magazine. I am an ordained minister. We need haiku for the June issue also. We pay in subscriptions to the magazine or $15.00 per issue, which ever the author prefers. Circulation currently is unknown because we are still taking orders. Subscription rates are $15.00 postal and $10.00 e-mail.

      Thank you.

      Marvin D. Schrebe
      Oener/Editor, Mid-Ohio Valley Poetry Magazine http://www.marvinspoetrypage.com chaplainmarvin@gmail.com

  11. Pauline Logan says:

    To Kim and others: I was able to download by clicking on “Profile” at the top right, above the search box labeled “Follow Writer’s Digest.”

  12. KimAnez says:

    I don’t know where you mean, “to the right of my profile info?” I see a search box where I can follow on Facebook and Twitter. I don’t see my profile info anywhere. This isn’t only a problem on this page, I find this problem on many of your pages. I understand the need for advertising, I have no problem with it. Please, give download instructions more clearly and make buttons and other obvious or ostentatious links. Thanks. Today has been a particularly frustrating day on your site, and I only have limited time for surfing it.

  13. ToddBjarnson84 says:

    Yes unfortunately there is no download button anywhere for this. Perhaps less advertising would make this page easier to use….

  14. Debbie says:

    I have had the same problem…and this occurs regularly.

  15. eveusebi says:

    I signed in at http://www.writersdigest.com/how-do-i-write-sell-short-fiction by going to http://www.writersdigest.com/login as directed but was not given a way to access the promised download.

    Also, I had to register anew at the sign in page even though I am taking a Writer’s Digest class using the same id.

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