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Writing is about more than putting pen to paper. With these additional writing resources, you can get feedback on your writing, learn to be a better writer, find agents and markets, and even explore self-publishing opportunities – all exclusively from WritersDigest.

2nd Draft

Writers send their work to 2nd Draft Critique Service and get the specific, tailored advice they need to get an extra edge on the competition — and make their work more marketable. After a thorough evaluation of the submission, a hand-selected-professional writer will give detailed feedback and recommendations. Writers learn not only what’s working in the writing, but what’s not, and — most importantly — how to fix it.

Learn more about 2nd Draft


Writers turn to WritersMarket.com to get published and get paid for their writing. More than 8,000 searchable listings for book publishers, magazines, contests, literary agents, greeting card publishers, screenwriting markets, playwriting markets, conferences, newspapers, online publications, syndicates, and organizations.

Subscribers can organize favorite publishing opportunities in personalized folders, manage submissions with an easy-to-use record keeping tool, gain advanced publishing and marketing knowledge from our Q&A’s with publishing experts, and more.

Learn more about WritersMarket.com

Writer’s Digest University

Writers Digest University is the only program of web-based writing instruction developed by Writer’s Digest. Writers Digest University combines the best of this world-class writing instruction with the convenience and immediacy of the internet to create a state-of-the-art learning environment.

Workshops have been developed by the best in the business—professionals who not only know about writing, but about the teaching of writing. Instructors are published writers—as well as editors, educators and seminar leaders providing feedback from an informed, professional source.

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7 Responses to Writing Resources, Writing Help

  1. wantstolaugh says:

    Want your ebook reviewed for free?

    Ebook Reviews – 3 to 5 stars

    Would you like an honest opinion of your book? Do you want to boost sales with reviews?

    I am willing to read and review your ebooks completely FREE! Only reviews of 3 to 5 stars will be attached to your book profile, reviews below that will NOT be published. Instead, I will send you an email with suggestions of possible corrections and any proofreading that needs to be corrected.

    What do I want? Share my blog. Share my Facebook page. Review my work.

    Proofreading & Editing FREE!

    If you submit your work to me, I will be willing to proofread and make suggestions for FREE! For this service, I would appreciate a “contribution” credit on your book as Editor.

    We all know what it is like to read the same thing over and over, and eventually we see what we want, rather than what is there. We also know what it is like to have friends and family tell you it is great, not wanting to cause hurt feelings. Let’s help each other, promote me, and I will help to promote and improve your work!!!

    Submit your .epub to rhodadettore@gmail.com

  2. Lori A says:

    My magazine subscription was a gift. I was told it would be a years subscription. I only received Octobers issue. Is this because I never registered until just now?

  3. ShyShadow says:

    How do i write a story sorry im new to this.

    • wantstolaugh says:

      Check out my blog for information on epublishing. http://goinpostalnj.blogspot.com/

      If you are asking how to write a short story, as opposed to getting published, then I can post an article specifically about that.

      Elements of a Short Story:
      Setting: Where, When– be as descriptive as you can be
      Theme: What is the purpose of the story? Is it a moral issue?
      Conflict: This is the plot of the story
      Rising Action, Climax, and Falling Action, then a resolution.

      How does all this translate?

      Take my ebook, Honor Never Fades, for example. It is about a 17yr old who enlists in the army during vietnam.

      The conflict in this is trying to get his family to accept his decision to join the army.
      The rising action includes the time he spent with his family before his training & deployment.
      The climax comes when he gets killed in vietnam.
      The falling action occurs when his parents are notified.
      The resolution, his father cannot handle the guilt of pushing his son into believing how great the military is– the father commits suicide.

      Be sure to visit my blog or contact me, and I will help you the best I can. :)

  4. I used to subscribe to a wd service that enabled me to read any ebook wd had. My subscription lapsed and I woul like to renew. Do you offer this anymore?

    Thank you.

    • William says:

      If you look under ‘resources’ on the menu bar at the top of the site, you’ll find a button for eBooks. I think this might be what you’re looking for.

  5. A1an says:

    An awesome resource well!

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